wooden toy blocks that made from eco wood!

welcome at this blog; we talk about eco wooden toys: And even better wooden building blocks

if you look into any parent of a  2-10 years old child’s home-base , you’ll most likely to  find a sea of rubber and plastic toys, including many electronic with music and or  flashing lights (my least favorite!). I have to say that I am not a fan of plastic toys, not least for how they are produced and the time it takes for the plastic to break down in landfill (often longer than 700 years).  They are also not the most beautifully at design , and are full of nasty chemicals linked to illness in later life.Think also of the plastic soup .

We , and more trendy and hip parents, much prefer wooden kids toys.  Wooden toys are (if you choose correctly) sustainable, degradable and free of the chemical risks that plastic toys possess.  They can also be  real hand-me-down pieces. here you can buy luco toys!


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