Wednesday, July 6, 2016

wooden toys or plastics

An interesting discussion i found on a website forum:

plastic or wooden? I'm thinking about getting these for my son who will turn 5 this month, but I have read an overwhelming number of bad reviews about poor quality and pieces not fitting together. It seems to be a problem for both the plastic and the wooden sets. I think he would love them, but I don't want to waste the money if they're going to end up being junk. Help me decide! 

I bought great wooden Tinker Toys for my kids at a church rummage sale. They fit together well and were just perfect. The boxes they came in were old-fashioned, so they were from my era (the 60s, maybe the 70s).

The kids played with them one time.

I would not buy today's version because of the reviews about their poor quality. 

My kids loved tinker toys. We had a plastic set that I found at a garage sale. Although the set was pretty durable, the "cog" pieces broke after a while. I would have preferred wood. 

I got a modern wooden building blocks  one, and they are okay. Kiddo has enjoyed them, although not as much as the Zoobs. But more than Legos and Lincoln Logs,
He has made everything in the instructions and on the the box. 

We have a set of older wooden ones but my two played with their K-Nex and Legos I finally just put the TinkerToys up. Our legos are played with daily all year through. 

My daughter has the pink plastic Tinker Toy brand, as well as a different brand that look and work just like Tinker Toys. She plays with them EVERY day, and they have been able to withstand her rough play (she has autism and doesn't always have the most patience when fitting things together). 

Neither of my other kids ever cared about Tinker Toys. 

I really love the open ended idea with Tinker Toys but that there are instructions as well. My kids really enjoy all building toys and even my 14 yo DS will sit and make Lego stuff with his younger brothers (dont tell him I said that). The trios have been wonderful for the 3 yo ds and the quality is great.