manufacturing plastic and wooden toys

Toys can be made by injection molding:

Injection molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing technique for thermoplastics, and metals with a low melting point, such as aluminium ( see also injection mold china)

This article is about the injection molding of plastics or in English also called plastic. In particular, it is speaking of thermoplastics.

 With injection molding, plastic material that is supplied as a granulate or powder, melted to a viscous mass and is under high pressure is injected into a mold, the cavity (or cavity), the form of the desired product. By cooling the plastic material solidifies and one gets the desired product. Injection molding is one of the most widely used design techniques for plastic parts. injection molding process,

a screw (in a cylinder) (1) presses the plastic (granulate) (2) through a small injection orifice (nozzle) (3) in the mold (4 & 6) . Herein, there is a cavity (cavity) (5). The now molten plastic flows through the nozzle and fills the cavities of the tool. It is then cooled.As a result, the material solidifies and takes over the tool from the cavities to the form (5). The Matrix is, after the material has sufficiently cooled down, opened by the upper part (6) to move horizontally. Next, the product, printed by the ejectors (pins) from the opened mold (4). Gravity is the product from the mold in a container, or products that may not injure a robot picks them from the mold. After it is closed again can be started going to the next production. ( Source: wikipedia) 

Applications With injection molding complex products cAN BE MADE. Due to the high cost of manufacturing a die/mold is, INJECTION MOLDING, only suitable for large production numbers. For smaller numbers usually not worth casting. A good alternative is, for example, Rapid Prototyping. For the production of large numbers of injection molding is preferred. We also find them in various sectors. Most plastics used in packaging for soft drinks, ice cream, butter etc. The cost and appearance are very important. The cost can be kept low by making very thin products. The thinner the product faster it cools. The cycle time can be very short in packaging, up to a few seconds. In addition, also be used for another multiple molds, that is to say that there are many in the mold of the same forms, so that at each cycle a large number of the same products to be made. For example, on one machine or 20 ice cube trays with print and have been made ​​per second.  Consumer and industrial productsto consumer products such as toys, computer parts (mouse, keyboard, etc.), kitchenware, but also large parts thermoplastics parts cost also plays a major role, of course, but here are the mechanical properties and look important. 

Here are usually also used for other plastics. The cycle time is greater because of a greater wall thickness, from 10 seconds to 1 minute. A plastic rubbish bin or a solid table top can take several minutes to cool in the mold. Also, components for the industry, are produced in this way. Here are the mechanical and chemical properties is by far the most important. There are some technical plastics even at temperatures of 150 degrees are still very strong. IF YOU DONNOT LIKE PLASTIC TOYS , PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THIS WEBSITE! WOODEN TOYS