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Mold making

Plastic injection molding products according to your desire begins with the purchase of the right tools and moulds.
 The purchase of a mold is often a costly affair, but also it brings usually a large investment to bring new products to market. More important to make informed choices herein.
We can advise you and also take care of the entire purchasing process for you. Because of our experience working with molds and a close cooperation with a reputable tool shop - such as mouldplastic plastic mold china offer you the mold your product needs.
We work with you to develop the product, its function and market. There are many factors that influence the construction of the mold, such as e.g. batch size, product life cycle, quality requirements, available budget, choice of material, product shape, technical requirements etc.
For each composition requirements and desires a different mold. Whether for simple open-close dies to complex multiple molds, Chinese molds, aluminum molds or dies stable you can contact us injection mold maker china
In consultation with you, together we determine the best choice for your product and your wallet/budget; further more our company sis very good in product development stageof-art  . 
We have experince in developing LEd lights , sprayers , bottles, toys and so on


We,  Triple-c a supplier with facilities in china  ,delivers molds ( aka moulds) on the one hand for your own production in the Netherlands, Belgium , or elsewere in Europe or otherwise for our own factory in Shanghai, with the necessary cost savings and production molds. In the injection molding factory are three injection machines to test your molds and produce small series. 



  • cost savings in tooling (up to 50% compared with Western mold maker), cheaper molding by lower material costs and costs of labor.

  • Faster production of the mold design and design and faster delivery first plastic samples.

  • enormous capacity and potential to cheap finish: such as printing / silk screen / hot stamp printing / sublimation techniques..

  • very competitive and fast manual assembly capabilities.

  • for more information visit our mold maker services in china


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